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Garden Care in the heat

STIHL has a number of helpful tips to combat dry conditions and keep your backyard green this summer.

Bye-bye Bald spots!

Bald spots on your lawn make it more vulnerable to summer heat. Thick grass will hold moisture better, resulting in a greener lawn with stronger roots giving it a better chance of survival. Here are some ways you can promote growth in thinning areas and keep your lawn green this summer:

  • Familiarise yourself with the noticeable bare spots on your lawn. Grass growth can sometimes be spotty on sloped areas and due to water run-off and areas prone to puddles.
  • Use premium topsoil and an organic, nutrient-rich compost to help the seeds germinate and keep it from being washed or blown away,or eaten by birds. Dress the bare spots with approximately one 2cm of compost and then hand spread the seed, covering about 40% of the area. Use a standard household broom (not a rake) to gently mix the soil and seed together. Fertilizing grass in summer will help to keep it healthy and growing strong.
  • Water these newly seeded areas twice a day for the first few weeks to ensure the soil stays moist for maximum germination and growth.
  • To prevent bald spots from occurring, mow your lawn on the highest setting on your mower and avoid stepping on your lawn when it is wet. Also avoid treading on any new or immature grass.

Mow Maintenance

  • Mow High
    Studies have shown that mowing at a height of at least 5-7cm yields a healthier lawn than one mowed at 2-4cm.
  • Mow Often
    Regular mowing promoting a lusher, more uniform lawn. How often is enough? That depends on how quickly your grass grows. Ideally, you should remove no more than a third of the grass length with each mowing. This will result in smaller-sized clippings, which act as a natural fertilizer for your lawn.
  • Mow Differently
    Vary your mowing direction each time you mow to keep your grass looking straighter. Change it up each time, moving north to south, east to west or diagonally to promote straight growth.
  • Mow Maintenance
    After mowing is complete, check your lawn for any remaining clumps of grass clippings. Remove these clumps to prevent them from blocking nutrients to your lawn.

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